Backyard party lighting ideas for a celebration with a difference

After all the cancellations of the last couple of years festivals are back, and bigger and better than ever. Fun and easy to achieve, festival party ideas are all the rage when it comes to hosting a backyard celebration with a difference. Setting the tone will be important for creating that essential festival spirit. Aim for a mix of Glastonbury and Coachella and it should keep everyone happy. When it comes to easy decorations it’s amazing what you can do with some bunting, mirrors, throws and blankets. This will transform the most ordinary of backyards into a boho heaven. If music festivals are not your thing, how about a circus or fairground-themed festival party instead? 

Good backyard party lighting ideas are crucial for giving any celebration an extra dose of pizzazz. So if you really want to throw an event to remember (for all the right reasons) then you'll need to consider them in your plans. Sure, outdoor lighting ideas will boost the ambience and practicality of your garden all year round, but it's fun to go a step further when it comes to entertaining. And there are so many options to choose from to create a magical scene. 

Layer up different types of lighting for added visual interest, but don't go too bright. You want the result to feel soft and welcoming, not harsh and sterile. Novostella Lasting Rainbow Strip Lights adopt RGBIC chips that allow various colors to create an infinite possibility of color patterns and designs which provide an amazing visual experience. It emits a rainbow of colors while a section races through the strip to alter and morph the colors. While all of the effects are adjustable through the included remote or downloadable smart app, this dazzling effect is definitely amazing.

Warm lights rather than ice-white ones will always feel more relaxed and inviting, so are generally the way forward when planning your backyard party lighting ideas. Novostella Smart Security Light offers 2700K-6500K color temperature step-less adjustment, you can freely choose the desired white light. Have your Novostella security lights turn on automatically by setting schedules. And of course, you can also turn off or dim your lights this way. 

Don't forget about LEDs as an alternative to real-life candles, that way you can enjoy your party without worrying about fire risks. Look for waterproof designs that are suitable for outdoor use. The Novostella Blink Smart Flood Light has a water-resistance rating of IP66, which is just short of full submersion. It can withstand a sustained blast of high-pressure water, so even the worst storms won't cause any trouble. Incidentally, the IP66 rating also includes the highest possible degree of dust-resistance. Depending on where you live, this might be nearly as important as water-resistance. Suffice it to say that even very fine dust won't be able to infiltrate the Blink's housing.

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