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Super sturdy with screws and mounting clips to install. 75 Lighting Modes & 9 dynamic music modes. Program your own scene in the app or routine control by exclusive remote. 

With one power outlet to enable the whole set of four/six floodlights, you don't need extra extension cords to hook them all up. With the exclusive RF remote, you can easily get 4 Dynamic modes & 8 Colorflow modes.

Dazzle your guests with individually programmable bulb string lights, and create a night that won’t be forgotten. With 2700K 700lm warm white, it could also be applied for daily ambient lighting. Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant.

Highly sensitive motion sensor covering a 60ft range provides added security by activating lights upon detection. Upgrade your outdoor lighting experience with increased convenience, security, energy savings, customization, and durability.

Its brightness of color light module increases by 63% v.s that of previous version, greatly improving the decorative lighting capabilities of floodlights. We are using the highest quality materials to ensure the best performance in the outdoor conditions as well as smart use of materials to optimize radio frequency.

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