How to Choose Color LED Flood Lights


Where are you putting the floodlight? On the house, on the wall, on the ceiling or elsewhere? Decision on where the floodlight is placed will allow you to decide on what type of LED floodlights to buy.

Beam Angle

It depends if you want a light that's focused on one area, for example, your entire house or all or part of your lawn. You require an LED floodlight with a wider angle for larger spaces. For most uses, a beam angle of 120 degrees is typically fine.


We will look at how the light color can be picked. Daylight white is the most common outdoor lighting option. If you love a more comfortable setting, you can choose warm white. RGB is a suitable choice for special purposes. For example, party lighting, mood lighting, and other special occasions (Halloween, Christmas) would do very well with RGB floodlights.

Wattage matters

Finally, wattage matters. It matters because if you get the wrong wattage for your floodlight, you may not get the results you are looking for. For example, if you only need 200 sq feet of coverage, the wattage should be around 15. However, if you are covering 600 sq feet of either your house and/or your entire lawn, the wattage would be around 25-50W. Remember to buy from Novostella so that you'll get the wattage that you are paying for.

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