LED Landscape Lighting Ideas That Scream "Summer!" 

Bringing pleasant lighting into an outdoor space extends the enjoyment you get out of it well past dusk. Novostella Blink Smart Flood Light (Bluetooth), being linked by Bluetooth Mesh, makes connection much easier and faster. It polishes exterior architecture, makes an entryway more inviting, and can turn a backyard into an additional living space. And the hub does all the work of reaching out and keeping all of the lights connected. The hub then connects to the Smart Life app (available for both iOS and Android) and allows you to control them from there. Group them into separate zones around the home, or however else you'd like to manage them (ie, front yard vs backyard, or different groups as different colors, etc). The hub can be hidden virtually anywhere, as long as it is in range of both your router and the BLink lights it is managing.

Choose Novostella Lasting Rainbow IP65 Smart Strip Lights that can be controlled wirelessly from a smart phone app or remote, and you will have greater customization and convenience over your light displays. With built-in IC controller, various colors could be changing simultaneously in one line. It looks like the different color leds are chasing, skipping, dancing and twinkling. You're able to install them by using a buckle/pin every few feet. While you can't extend them beyond the set lengths, you can shorten them and seal-up the cut-end with the provided glue. This will assure a water-tight seal so they don't malfunction if exposed to any moisture.

Use Novostella Staribbon IP65 Smart Strip Lights to line and highlight your garden paths. That way, party guests can see where they are walking in the evening. If you do a lot of outdoor entertaining, you can program your strip lights to change color through the evening. You can even sync colors with the beat of your music, to create a unique party atmosphere.

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