Novostella Tunable White Work Light Review

"Review provided by David of@Tech4Baba"

Novostella work light is one of the best work lights I have used. It comes in a strong, bright, easy-to-find yellow plastic housing. The light is less than 2 inches thin. The big handle is built-in to the frame so it's steady and solid. There is a long 16.4 ft power cord and it can be neatly wrapped around the light casing for storage. It's a great design.

In the back, there is an adjustable black metal bracket to stand the light up at different angles. There is also a big metal heatsink integrated to dissipate heat. On the bottom of the heatsink, under a frosted rubber cover, there are AC and USB-A ports which are very convenient for hooking up electric tools and powering devices like a portable speaker to play music while I work.

The controls for the light are in the front. There is a touch button for 3 light colors (white, warm, and yellow). There is a SOS mode to get the light to blink quickly. The other touch button adjusts the light brightness. It toggles through 10%, 40%, 70%, and 100%. It is a very bright light at 6000 Lumens. It has no problem lighting up my entire 2-car garage. It's just as bright as my halogen work light if not brighter. The best part is it only uses 60W instead of 450W! While it gets hot, it runs much cooler than my halogen work light.

In addition to using it as a work light in the garage, a pleasant surprise to me over this Thanksgiving was it worked well also as a fill light bouncing off the ceiling for a family photo! Since both the color and brightness can be adjusted, this work light works great as a photography or video light, too!

Overall, this is a practical work light. It’s bright yet does not run hot. Both the color and brightness can be adjusted. It’s thin and well designed for portability and storage. It even works well as a photography and video light when needed! I highly recommend it! -- Tech4Baba

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