Novostella Smart Security Light Review

"Review provided by David of@Alan Varughese"

Novostella has a Smart Security Light that outputs at 45W. It has many features that bring value to your Home Security needs at less than $55 (USD, at time of writing article). I had the opportunity to try out the Novostella Smart Security Light over the past few weeks, and I'm excited to share my experience with you. It's now winter, and I was excited to try it out in the dark, which occurs at 5 pm nowadays. Novostella claims that Smart Security light can withstand temperatures from +40C down to -20C. So I wanted to make sure it did. Unfortunately, we get -20C pretty much throughout the winter.

Compared to motion-activated security lights out on the market, the price range for the Novostella Smart Security light is right within the middle at $55 US. You can get a security light from Costco for about $65. If you want a security light with a camera, that price increases to $200 or more. However, Novostella has found a way to put a PIR sensor and add the Smart Home Automation. I don't see many security lights at $55 that double up as an intelligent smart light. That actually adds the value of a security camera light, and I'll explain why later.

Another thing that I noticed before opening the Novostella Smart Light box is that it actually illuminates (lux) to 4,500 lumens. That's really bright. Compared to most non-smart security lights on the market at 2,500 lumens, you're getting a wired-constant light brightening up the space with the power of 45W. That's a lot of light for 45W. You're also saving energy by not using 100W to 120W bulbs, which most security motion lights come with. Again, for $55 (USD). What a deal.

Novostella Smart Security Light 45W Features

Let's talk about some of the available features for the Novostella Smart Security Light. I got excited and already spilled the beans on some of the illumination features. Well, let's summarize some of the Novostella Smart Security light features here:

Smart Life App

You should know that the Novostella smart security light works with the Smart Life App. That's right. It is already compatible with the extensive range of Tuya Smart Home Automation products. This means that you can sync the lights with other lights, group them, and make smart automation triggers within the Smart Life App.

Integrated Security

Since the Novostella Smart Security light is compatible with the Tuya ecosystem, you can now create your own DIY Smart Home Security system with a few simple steps in the Smart Life App.

Manual or Sensor Mode

The other thing about the Novostella 45 Watt Smart Security Light is that it's considered multifunctional. The Novostella Smart Security lights have two modes of operation. Manual and Sensor mode.

Manual mode allows you to simply turn the Novostella Smart Security Light and on and off with a touch of the button on the Smart Life App. However, Manual mode also allows you to change the color temperature between 2700K and 4500K to choose between warm white (yellow) and cool white.

Sensor Mode: Once you turn on Sensor mode, the PIR (motion sensor) on the Novostella Smart Security light is active and ready to respond to the motion. You can change the Motion distance to activate with movement up to 60 feet away at almost 180 degrees of range. The options are Near, Medium (25-40 ft), and Far (60 ft).

Ambient Light Sensor

Sensor modealso allows you to change the Ambient Light Sensor. Depending on whether you want the Novostella Smart Security Light to trigger throughout the day, you can automate the Novostella Security light motion sensor to activate during morning daylight, evening, or when it's completely dark outside.

Full Light Duration

The Novostella Smart Security Light also comes with a Full Light Duration timer. This means that when motion is triggered, the Smart Security light increases its intensity for a while and then dissipates to its standard light setting. You can change this setting for a minimum of 5 seconds, up to 1 hour.

The light then moves to a Microlight duration which you can change for up to 8 hours. This is the standard light setting that you can modify to ensure you have enough light to work outside in the dark or play your favorite sports in front of your garage.

Microlight and Slight Bright Feature

It has a slight bright feature. It basically goes to the total brightness of the light that I've set it to, and it also has what Novostella calls a 'micro brightness.' So, I've changed that setting over time, and it's pretty cool because it basically enhances it by up to 30% brightness.

Security Event Records

The Novostella Smart Security Light records the number of motion events. In addition, the event log provides a timestamp of when someone approaches the light and leaves. Essentially, you're getting all the information you would get from an ideal smart security light. In addition, you can now determine how long someone had been in the range of the Novostella Smart Security Light. This feature is an excellent substitute for an expensive Smart Security Camera Light. No need to spend an extra $200 on a camera.

Google Home and Alexa Integration

You can integrate the Novostella Smart Security Light to the Google Home and Alexa Smart Home Ecosystem. You can then use voice commands to power up or turn off the Novostella Smart Security System. You can dim the lights with your voice command as well.

180 Degree Motion Detection

The Novostella Smart Security light also comes with a PIR (motion) sensor. Yes, that must be obvious by now. However, the feature to note is that the motion sensor detects at such a wide range compared to most security lights, nearly 180 degrees with a max detection of about 60 feet. I was able to test this out a little bit to see how it work. It's consistent enough to recognize that not much will 'get by' Novostella Smart Security light. You can also move the adjacent lights to increase your lighting range to 180 degrees as well. Remember, I said this light is only $55 (USD).

4,500 Lumens is Bright

As mentioned earlier, the Novostella Smart Security Lights are actually tunable (dimmable) white. You can change light color temperature from 2700K (soft white, yellow) to 6500 K (cool white). You can also adjust the brightness to a max of 4,500 lumens. Most non-smart security lights provide up to 2,500 lumens of brightness and use higher wattage bulbs to get there. The Novostella uses 45W to give you more shine for the same price as a non-smart motion security light.

Waterproof, IP65 Standard

The Novostella Smart Security light is also rated to IP65, considered waterproof. I would recommend that you use sealant either way. The Security light is plastic, and you want to ensure there is a proper seal between the light and the wall you are mounting it to.

So you can basically install the Novostella Smart Security Light anywhere. I mean anywhere. You can put this on top of your garage door or your shed door or whatever you have wired power. You need a neutral wire to connect to the 120V AC in your home.

Novostella Smart Security Light Installation and Setup is Easy and Straightforward

The Novostella Smart Security Light is straightforward to install for any DIY installer. In my case, I used a test station to make sure that I could move the Smart Security light to different parts of my home to see how I could benefit from having a Smart Security Light while moving around my house and yard in the dark.

The Novostella Smart Security light comes with a standard mounting bracket that attaches to most power box fixtures in your home. It also comes with a substantial mounting screw and 3M weatherproofing foam to ensure a flush mountable edge on the wall, so no water can seep in through the wall in between the wall and the Smart Security Light.

What's really impressive about the Novostella Smart Security light is that it is also relatively lightweight. It doesn't require heavy-duty screws or equipment to hold it up since it is made of plastic; however, it looks highly durable. I'm curious to know how it would handle freeze-thaws and a couple of seasons of snow, rain, and high-sun intensity.

AutomateAlan's Novostella Smart Security Light Review

I've tested out the Novostella Smart Security Light outside, in the backyard in the cold winter. We get temperatures of -20C to -40C from time to time. I installed the light at -17C with a wind chill of less than -20C. It looks like it runs just fine. Again curious to know how it will hold over a season or two of cold temperatures like this. It helps that the Novostella Smart Security Light is a wired light vs. a battery-operated mobile light. The continuous power supply may allow the sunlight to withstand the cold temperatures.

One thing to note here is that I don't see any electrical standards imprinted on the lighting housing; however, Novostella has claimed they have sold over 1,000,000 of these lights already. It does look like it's solidly built and built correctly. Just would be nice to see CSA or UL imprinted on these devices that I install in the home.

Automate Alan's Novostella Smart Security Light Recommendation

Now, you wanted to know if I would actually recommend this light. Well, I do. For a price tag of $55 (USD at the time of writing this article), you're getting some pretty good value for a wired security light.

It is really lightweight. It's just less than 3 pounds.

The Novostella Smart Security Light is very bright. Intense-bright. And it's brighter than most security lights that we've seen on the market, that are not even smart lights. It comes at a maximum illumination (lux) of 4500 lumens, and as I mentioned before, you can have both warm and cool lighting to brighten up your outdoor or indoor space.

Novostella really worked to develop a whole package of lighting products that you could use everywhere. Even though the Novostella Smart Security Light housing is made of plastic, It looks like it's still durable enough to be outside, and it's waterproof. So, it's perfect for those exterior places outside your home.

You could install the Novostella Smart Security Light inside your home for this price. Consider installing the Novostella Smart Security light in your basement, stairwell, pantry, or maintenance room. You would have a built-in motion-detected smart light in your home for the price it would take to automate a Smart Light and Smart Switch and Smart Motion Sensor. Consider that cost? It could be over the price of a $55 Smart Security light from Novostella.

So should you go buy this light? I think it's worth taking a look. And installing for yourself.

I'll tell you one of the things that I did like about this light is that you have to be very sure that the housing or the power box in your wall is flush to the wall. Otherwise, the screw may not be big enough to mount correctly. I had to go to the hardware store just to buy an extra screw, but then I also realized when I've modified the box and my test station to push it flush up against the wall. After that, I mounted the Novostella Smart Security light just fine.

So as somebody who needs an outdoor Smart Home Light or needs a Security Light, you should seriously consider the Novostella Smart Security Light. At $55 US, you are getting a great deal. It works great in the Smart Life App, and you can integrate it into your own Smart Home Security system. I'm excited to see more of Novostella's products. I really enjoyed reviewing the Novostella Smart Security Light (45W).

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