Outdoor Christmas Lighting Tips: Perfect Positions to Place Decor Lights

Wrap Trees with Colorful Lights

Turn a tree into a talking point with a twist and turn of RGB strip lights around its trunk. It's the simplest of Christmas light ideas for outdoor trees (although you can replicate it in the miniature version on your indoor houseplants, too). This idea can turn a single and normal tree into one of the festive highlights.

Fill the Covered Patio with Warm Light

Christmas lights can turn this inside-outside space into a cozy nook to relax in during the holidays. Customizing this area with decor and elements makes people feel warm and cozy and want nothing but to just sit there and enjoy.

Lead the way to your front door with a selection of outdoor Christmas light ideas along the pathway, up the steps, onto the porch, and up to the door – bearing in mind that you can combine wreath ideas with outdoor Christmas lights.

Outline Your House by Lighting the Roof

Placing some RGB strip lights along the roof of your house is the best way to distinguish your house from your neighbors'. Imagine that people can't help to notice your shining house even they are a mile away from it. Your neighbors will be jealous!

Paint the Outer Wall with Classic Christmas Colors

You might be able to tolerate the dully white and gray walls on normal days, but definitely not on holidays! Spend some time decorating the walls(with RGB floodlights) at least once a year, and Christmas is the best day for it! Just classic colors will be more than enough.

Frame Your Windows with Christmas Lights

You may never miss the door decoration. But you can't deny that your windows are always left behind. Create new and exciting frames for your windows using the power of RGB strip lights. Details are where people can truly see your Christmas spirit.

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