Plinths and Cupboards Lighting

The most important advice when it comes to kitchen lighting is to think about it early to ensure it works with your layout. Layering sources is the best solution, combining task with ambient styles. That means you have focused areas of light for where you know you'll be working, cooking or eating and then softer styles to create a bit of atmosphere that's not quite as harsh.

With a very simple LED installation, you can add new warmth and crisp clean tones to your kitchen. You might want brighter light while you're eating that dims to a more relaxing vibe for after-dinner chat. Novostella Tunable White Strip Lightcould produce a warm-white shade of lighting (colour temperature 3000K-6000 kelvin), to create a cosy and welcoming feel. There is separated button to control multi modes, included warm white, nature white, daylight white, night light modes. It enables you to DIY different lighting styles depending on your mood.

While strip lights can be used anywhere, they create a particularly nice ambient lighting effect when placed at foot-level, such as under a floor cabinet in a kitchen. With 30 LEDs per meter, the brightness of Novostella Smart RGB Strip Light is improved by 90% (Max) compared to 18 LEDs per meter. The built-in sensitive mic allows it to synchronize with your favorite music. Double panel design effectively reduces the brightness difference between the two ends and ensures a perfect lighting effect. With a versatile design and crazy imagination, you can make the space you live in every day or any object you want to change the color incredible.

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