Step-by-step Guide To Install LED Strips On Ceiling

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to install LED strip lights. However, before you start your process, plug in the LEDs, and check that they are working, then continue the project.

Step #1: Measure your room ceiling’s perimeter, including all the corners and turns along the way. Ensure you also measure the distance from your power outlet if the power supply has a short wire. Since LED strips come in specific lengths, you can now decide whether you want one or more LED strip reels. You can easily cut the strips to length by the designated copper cutting points are provided on the reel. Being made of durable double layer copper board (non-waterproof) with enhanced brightness, Novostella Tunable White Strip Light is cuttable, touchable, brightness adjustable, dimmable. 

Step #2: For optimal visual appeal and minimum wastage of extra reel or extra wiring, ensure that the power outlet is as close as possible to the source supply that comes with your LED strip reel.

Step #3: Now, to make sure your LED strips last as long as they are designed to, your setup should be well-ventilated with airflow in the room and not stuffed behind bulky furniture or thick curtains. Also, be sure to use coving that allows good heat dissipation (like aluminum, do not use wood), and is wide and deep enough for ventilation.

Step #4: Here comes the fun part. You need an external double-sided tape to stick first to the strip and then to the wall or ceiling.

This can be a tedious process and may come loose earlier than expected. However, suppose your ceiling has a porous or textured design. In that case, you need to consider adding external double-tape or wall adhesive to hold it up better. Remember to peel around 3-5 inches of tape at one time to make the handling easier.

Measurements can go wrong, but don’t worry. If you have measured the strip before you have taped it on and find it falling short, leave the extra gap at the end of the whole length. This way you can add more light strips when you order again, or you can join strips you already have around.

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