What is Novostella?

Novostella has been committed to the development and manufacturing of smart lamps. For a long time in the past, we have been providing consumers with high-quality LED floodlight products. In the past year or so, we hope to apply the latest Internet of Things technology to outdoor floodlight products, aim to bring modern smart life to people at an affordable price.

What difference does Novostella smart floodlights from others?

As we all know, the experience of using WIFI products is very dependent on a good WIFI signal. However, even in an indoor environment, the WIFI signal provided by ordinary home routers is prone to communication interruption, weak signal strength, failure to connect, and other problems. If it is applied to outdoor products, the WIFI signal problem will change due to the longer communication distance.

A unique antenna design concept was brought forward by Novostella, and it was added a communication-level nature to the outside of the floodlight. The antenna greatly improved the WIFI communication capability of the product, and increased the stable communication distance from the general 10 meters to 25 meters. This exclusive design Novostella smart floodlight with antenna starts to make things change.

New arrival just released, what is Novostella BLink?

Recently, Novostella BLink released, it's a wireless LED floodlight with an in-built antene based on Bluetooth technology. the name of "BLink" gives a concept of Bluetooth connectivity, and links faster, more stable, enables the creation of large-scale device networks. Simultaneously, onomatopoeia "blink" reveals a brilliant lighting effect. This helps the customers to know more about our new product better. It identifies and differentiates ours from another.

Standout features:

1. With an in-built Antenna, strengthen WiFi stable connection extend to 82ft (general is 32ft)
2. The Bluetooth switch can be used as a node to control the switch of all the lights in the Mesh network.
3. Set different scene modes.
4. Users can also control the Mesh LED lights in the mesh network, it can be controlled in groups.
5. The LED lights in the mesh network can be dimmed and colored.
6. Different scene modes can be set.
7. Timed switch and other operations.

There are so many different colors to choose from and the light can be made very bright or be more dim and subtle. It has given the landscaping the ambiance it’s been missing. They could be used anywhere in which you would like to add some color or additional light. Inside or outside. These lights were simple to set up. It can reach the Smart Life App by connecting through Bluetooth, things start game-changing.


Product name: Novostella BLink
Wattage: 25W *2
Light Color: RGBCW (US), RGB (EU & UK version)
App: Bluetooth Mesh / Smart Life (Connect upto 128 devices)
Antenna: Enhance signal connection by 150%
Integration: Support Hub (Work with Google assistant/Alexa)
Mfr. Est. Lifespan: 50000 hrs
Dimmable: √
Scheduling: √
Material: Graphene
Waterproof: IP66

Step 1:
Download the latest version of the Smart Life App (skip this step) if you already have it installed on your phone.

Step 2:
Plug BLink wireless floodlight and power on, then open your Smart Life App, click "+" in the top right corner -> Lighting ->Light Source (BLE)
Here you got this page, check the confirm and click "Next"

BLink supports group control without using a Hub, Bluetooth LED flood light in different areas can be controlled independently. With just one click, you can control lights in your room, garden, corridor. So just simply add multi BLink LED floodlights in the App home.

Then click one device, tap the "Edit" on the top right, now you will be on this screen, click "Create a room" and add the devices you want to group control.

You don't have to worry about turning them off, by connecting Hub, you could just set the timer in the evening and they will shut off automatically. It even can be set as a count-down turn-off function without a Hub needed. Bluetooth Mesh technology provides a wide network group control, break the distance limited, even though you have more than 100 devices in your cloud. The most popular thing is people can use it from inside the home and not have to go outside. The lights are waterproof, strong, and durable. They have withstood some pretty harsh weather lately. Nobody will say no to the extra light that it gives to outside at night, it makes their home feel safer having lights around it and looks great.


Mesh networking with Bluetooth has a bright future. Novostella BLink integrated Mesh technology is very easy to install, and the user experience is particularly good. And actually, antenna design can enhance the connection but it lacks use in the current smart lights market. If you're looking for an ultimate choice of cost-effective and easy to operate, why not start from Novostella BLink?

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