Why Not DIY: Desktop

Living in a connected community, we all, influenced by surroundings, partially duplicate or even directly inherit existing ways of living, working, learning and doing anything. And it turns out that we are nothing different from others. DULL, isn’t it? So, why not DO IT YOURSELF?

In this series, we are going to explore things we can DIY in our life and some smart ways to realize it. Just keep following us and enjoy the fun!

If someone asks me what it is that I spend most of my time with, I will say without hesitation: “Desktop!” It appears in almost every day of my life no matter when I am a student or a worker. That’s why I am quite interested and experienced in DIY my desktop and I do like to share.

1. Add Plants

If you're susceptible to the 2 pm, post-lunch slump, try adding refreshing plants to your desk. They'll add some energy to the space, and can make a great pick-me-up when you're nodding off or reaching for the mid-afternoon chocolate.

2. Try a Simple Color Palette With Lots of Texture

What's black and white and chic all over? A minimalist color palette gets a major boost of interest and inspiration from furniture and accessories in different textures. Sometimes, less is more.

3. Feature Your Favorite Artwork

Even the simplest, most minimal workspace can get a boost of color and personality with a framed photo, painting, or picture. Even a painting your kid made in art class can bring you extreme artistic enjoyment and keep you inspired all day long.

4. Make it light

Different from any other touchable ornaments, light seems more mysterious and dreamy. When you are back from a day of work and dark mood, why not illuminate the small world of your own and refresh your mood? For me, Rainbow-Color LED Strip Lights are really comforting because the various colors can match my various moods. 

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