Ready to celebrate the EURO 2020? Who will be the winner of The European Championships 2020? Let’s guess it!

The Euros 2020 have reached to the final round. If you can’t get tickets or can’t travel to the games though, never mind, you can watch the replay of the game at home or on a projector’s giant screen at your home garden with your families or friends. And we’re giving free new release Novostella Blaze smart flood light to add the ambient tension of the watching process through the light. Pre-order now to get $20 off, and orders will be arranged to ship from July 25th. Or you can also get 10% off for all products with code EURO2020.

Besides, we have prepared a giveaway to win our Novostella Blaze smart flood light. All you need to do is tell us who will be the winner of the EURO 2020. If you guess right then you’ll get the chance to win the free smart flood light.
You don’t need to know a single thing about football! Anyone can enter, guess a team, and vote for the team you support, and then leave us a comment.

You must leave your guesses below before Midnight PST (GMT -8) on July 10th. Let’s goooooo!

Winner Announcement

😍 Rewards:
- 5* 25W Novostella Blaze
- 20$ off for Novostella Blaze
- 10% off sitewide for all participants(Code: EURO2020)

🎯⁣Campaign active
Start Date: 07/07/2021
End Date: 07/10/2021

🎯⁣Announcement Time

* This event is open to followers worldwide.
* Novostella reserves the right of final interpretation for this contest.

⭐Good luck! ⭐
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