1: How to connect your device?

A: Step One - Add device

(1) Power on your device

(2) Log in your App, tap"+" on top right corner to add device

(3) Pair your device to the App

Ensure that the indicator light on the device blinking rapidly (twice a second) is in Configuration Mode which allows you to connect.

- Please refer to the operation instructions at the top of the"Confirm indicator blink rapidly" button about "How to make indicator blink rapidly".

- Please press power button for 5 seconds to reset the device if the product doesn’t have a reset button.

- For the lighting devices, please press the switch 3 times(on-off-on-off-on) till the device powers on and the light blinks rapidly.

- If product has a reset button, please press the reset button directly.

- It is recommended to check the operation manual in order to connect the device to WiFi more quickly.

Step Two - Enter Wi-Fi password

Enter the password of the WiFi Router your smart phone is connectedto. Click "Confirm" button to activate the connecting process. Wait a few seconds till the connection completes successfully.

** Note: Now only 2.4G Wi-Fi channel is supported. Please check whether your Wi-Fi network is 2.4G or not.

2: Failure to add device during WiFi Connection process

A2: When adding device, please

(1) Confirm that the device is powered on

(2) Confirm that the device is waiting for network configuration

(3) Confirm that the device, smart phone and router are close to each other

(4) Confirm that both router network and smart phone function well

(5) Confirm that the router password entered is correct

(6) Confirm that the device being added is under 2.4 WiFi channel. Enable the broadcast and do not allow to hide Wi-Fi

(7) Confirm that the router’s encryption method is WPA2-PSK and the authentication type is AES, or both are set up as automatic

(8) Confirm your Wi-Fi name only contains letters and number, E.g. abcd1234

(9) If the amount of your router's connected devices reaches the limit, please try to turn off some device's Wi-Fi connection and connect again

(10) If the router enables MAC address filter, please try toremovethedevice from MAC filter list and make sure the router allowsthedevice tobe connected

3: Failure to connect your devices to 'SmartLife-xxxx'

 If you can not connect your devices to 'SmartLife-xxxx' ; please try 'undefined-xxxx' from the WiFi list.

4: Device goes offline.

A4: When the device is offline, please

(1) Ensure that the device is powered on

(2) Check if the network is stable. ( How to check the network?Place a smart phone or iPad besides the device and make sure they are in the same WiFi network environment, then try to open a website to judge if the network works smoothly. )

(3) Confirm if the WiFi network works well, or whether the Wi-Fi name and password have been modified or not. If so, remove the device and add it again. (How to remove the device? Open the App and enter the device control page, click "..." button which is on the top right corner, click "remove device" button on the bottom of the page. )

(4) Try to restart the router, wait 3 minutes and observe the status of the device

5: Unable to control the device remotely by the App. Or unable to control the device by the App.

A5: It might be due to bad network environment or the device is offline.

(1) Ensure device is powered on

(2) It is recommended that you keep the App open for about 3 minutes, and observe whether the device is still online

(3) If it’s still online, please place a smart phone besides your device and make sure they are in the same network environment, try to open a website to check if it’s the problem of the network

(4) If the device is online and the network works well, but still you can’t control device. Please go to the device control page, click on the "..." button on the top right corner, and then click "Send Feedback" button to report the problem that you encountered, and provide you Router model, we will handle it ASAP

(5) After the device is connected, it can be remotely controlled bythe App. But if the device is relocated to another place under different WiFi network, the App is no longer able to control the device unlessreconnecting to the device via the new WiFi network

6: After the device is connected, it can be controlled atthe same location, but can't be remotely controlled by smart phone whenyou go to another location or use other network environment.

A6: If the device encounters such a situation, it may be the reason that the device and smart phone are connected to the same LAN, but not connected to the Internet.

- Please place the phone besides your device and make sure they are in the same network environment, try to open a website to see if it’s the problem of network.

- If you cannot access the network, it is recommended to restart the router.

- If the above problem still occurs, please go to the control page of the device, click on the "..." button in the top right corner, and then click on the "Send Feedback" to report the problem you encountered,and provide you Router model, we will handle it ASAP.

7: Device status cannot be synchronized with the status displayed on the App.

A7: If the device is controlled by a manual switch at the same time, the device may not be synchronized. It is recommended that you can try to open the App and control the device again to see if the device status is updated.

8: The lamp is off before power cut, but suddenly turns on after power recover.

A8: This usually happens when the lamp does not have a power button (also not controlled by a smart switch and no scene linkage). If the device needs to be connected to the Internet, it is necessary to ensure that the physical switch of the lamp is turned on,so that the lamp can be controlled by the App. When there is power cut,the smart lamp loses its connection to the App, and becomes an ordinary lamp. Then when the power recovers, the lamp turns on automatically as the physical switch of the lamp is turned on before.

9: How to check if my device is compatible with the third party ?

A9: Please add your device to the App and enter thedevice control page, select "..." button on the top right corner, youwill see "Supported Third-party Control", click the icon to find themanual to use the third party control.

10: My device is successfully connected to Smart Life App, but fails to connect to Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant?

A10: When this happens, please

(1) Make sure ‘Smart Life’ skill is added to the Alexa App or Google Assistant App

(2) Make sure the account used in Smart Life App is the same as the one in Amazon App or Google Assistant App, and confirm that the account has successfully signed in the Apps

(3) Try to name your lighting devices with simple words in case that Alexa or Google Assistant might hard to recognize complicated names

(4) Make sure both the lighting device and voice control device(Amazon Echo / Google Home) are connected to the same WiFi network. If they use different routers, Echo or Google Home might not be able to discover the lighting device

(5) If Amazon Cloud Service or Google Cloud Service breaks down, it would result in network disconnection with lighting devices. In this case, please wait and try to reconnect the devices later

11: My device has been successfully connected to the thirdparty App (Alexa or Google Assistant), but fails to respond or respondvery slowly to its voice commands?

A11: When this happens, please

(1) Check your WiFi status and make sure it works well. Also make sure the lighting device is placed near to the router

(2) There is a limit for devices connected to one router (Maximum around 16-32 devices). Too many devices(smart phone, TV, iPad, smart plug, smart switch, smart lights etc) would slow down or even break downthe WiFi network, causing the problems of slow response or disconnection

(3) Try to name your lighting devices with simple words in case that it may take time for Alexa or Google Assistant to recognize and respond to complicated names

(4) Both Smart Life App or the third party Apps (Amazon Echo /Google Home) use cloud services to process information. Temporary service breakdown may happen during the routine maintenance and update of these Apps, causing dysfunction of the smart lighting devices. When this case happens, please wait and try to reconnect the devices later,or contact us ( shop@novostella.net ), we will offer solutions accordingly

12: How to cancel the countdown?Q13: How do I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit ?

A12: Please set the countdown timer at 0 hours and 0 minutes to cancel it.

13: How do I switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit ?

A13: Please enter the App – "Profile ", click the avatar icon into the basic information page, choose the unit you need at the "temperature unit". After revision, the scenes related to temperature will perform in the unit of your choice.

14: What is local scene?

A14: ZigBee Scene Switch uses special mode for device connection, it enables creation of local scene that works even when the device goes offline. But only ZigBee devices under the same gateway can be added.

15: How to group the lights?

A15: Go to the function page of any of the lighting devices that you want to group on Smart Life App, tap top right corner"..." button to enter next page, then click ‘Create Group’ button to group the lights.

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