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Anything you want to know about LED lighting.

"Smart Bulb Vs Smart Switch, which one should I choose?"

As a complete home automation project it is better to invest into both. However, if you have a limited budget, we suggest you to choose in depends on your need. Here is a quick summary for the pros and cons of each choice for your reference.

Smart bulb:

1.Much easier to install and replace. Very suitable for rental house since normally electrical work must be done with prior approval from the property owner.

2.Can not just switch on/off, but also adjust the brightness without using a dimmer.

3.Can change different color temperatures that are specifically designed to protect your eyes( especially for children) or help you sleep better.

4.Can change colors to match different ambience or mood. Some smart bulbs can even twinkle along with the music rhythm.

Smart switch:

1.One switch can control many bulbs, so if you have a bunch that need to turn on/off together, this is much cheaper.

2.Works with all kinds of bulbs, perfect if your fixture requires bulbs of a particular size, shape, or style that's incompatible with smart bulbs.

3.Power to switch is (usually) not cut by “turning off” the switch manually, which allows you to control the light with your smart phone even though you flip the switch off.

4.Can be used for other devices such as exhaust fan.

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