Do Novostella LED lights emit any amount of UV rays?

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As we all know that protecting from the UV radiation can help reduce skin diseases such as melanoma and other cancers, is there the same worry for LED lights? One of the big debates currently circulating about LED lighting is whether or not it emit UV rays.

How Do UV Rays Harm Humans?

Chronic exposure to UV radiation causes a number of degenerative changes in the cells, fibrous tissue and blood vessels of the skin. The best known acute effect of excessive UV exposure include:
- Skin damage
- Photokeratitis and other forms of eye damage
- Energy depletion
- Exacerbating existing conditions such as lupus erythematosus

What Type Of Light Emits UV Rays?

Except for the natural source of UV radiation, which as everyone may know is the sun, some other types of light that emit UV rays are:
- Tanning lights
- Fluorescent lights
- Incandescent lights
- Reptile basking lights: Work as a heat source, which is necessary to provide the reptiles with the needed warmth for maintaining their life activities at optimal levels, simulating the rays of the sun.
- UV grow lights: simulating the rays of the sun to help plants grow faster.

Do Novostella LED Lights Give Off Radiation?

People are being doubtful if the LEDs emit any amount of UV rays when it comes to choosing LED lighting over any other kind of illuminations. Actually, the standard LED lights for home use do create a minimal amount of UV rays, but it's far less than the amount produced by natural daylight. All of our Novostella LED Lights are use high quality LEDs, which almost do not produce any considerable nor a dangerous amount of UV rays. 

Compare with the above two figures, the emission of UV rays of Novostella LEDs are almost 0. In conclusion, Novostella LED lights are the best choice for your home lighting.

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