How to solve your baby's sleep problem?

How to solve your baby's sleep problem?

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Research shows that the average daily sleep duration for 0~2 years old child should be 12.5~15 hours, but up to 46% of parents report infant sleep problems. Babies not sleeping through the night, delay in achieving sleep, or waking 3 or more times a night.

Why babies not sleep at night?

There are many reasons that baby not sleep at night. Firstly, they may sleep too much at daytime. Secondly, they may refuse to go to sleep without a parent nearby and cry when you leave room. The most importantly, they may afraid of staying in the dark room. Moreover, babies may also begin to have difficulty going to sleep because of separation anxiety, overstimulation, or overtiredness.

How to comfort your babies to sleep?

Babies may not be able to establish their own sleeping and waking patterns. You can help your baby sleep by recognizing signs of sleep readiness, teaching him or her to fall asleep on his own, and comforting him or her with awakenings.

Here are some tips to help your baby learn to sleep:
    - Allow time for naps each day as needed for the age of the baby.
    - Avoid stimulation and activity close to bedtime.
    - Establish a bedtime routine, such as bath, reading books, and rocking.
    - Play soft music or white noise while your baby is getting sleepy.
    - Introduce a comfort object such as a small blanket or soft toy that your baby can take to bed.
    - For night awakenings, comfort and reassure your baby by patting and soothing.

What we have done to improve this situation?

As we all know that Mommy needs a specific light for night feeding and sooth their babies fall asleep at night, while babies need a comfort lighting and sound to create them a ideal sleeping environment.

After months of try-out, we have finally made a night light and a white noise sound machine into one - Novostella Good Night Light.

🎵  Sound machine - Hi-Fi quality white noise

⏰  Dimmer and timer - Create an ideal sleeping environment

🍼  Perfect feeding light - Comfort throughtout the night

🥰  Touch sensor - Touch to explore fun

This night light helps to training your baby establish a bedtime routine at night. It's very easy to use and no need of any tech, the adjustable lighting with white noise help to create an ideal sleeping environment for your babies, soothing them fall alseep quickly.

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