"Review provided by David of @Tech4Baba"

Love how this Rainbow Color RGB LED Strip Light responds and "dances" to music and sound. This is a high quality RGB LED strip that comes with a power supply, a signal receiver, a fully featured remote controller, and mounting brackets. It's easy to connect up and install. The light strip has self-adhesive on the back which sticks well to clean smooth surfaces. The included mounting brackets further hold the strip securely in place if needed. I placed mine on top of the cabinets above my entertainment system and found the strip sticks in place without the brackets. If I were to mount them below cabinets, the mounting brackets will come in handy to hold the strip in place. By the way, the strip is black so it matches my black cabinets well.

novostella music sync strip lights

The LEDs are bright with vibrant colors. The remote control comes with the battery already installed and offers plenty of options to customize the light strip. In addition to the usual on/off, brightness, and pre-set color buttons, there is a set of buttons to create 3 custom colors. There are also 8 lighting scenes including a lovely candle effect. And finally, there are 4 music dynamic modes which set the LEDs to respond to music in various ways. There are also two buttons to make the LEDs change faster or slower to the music and sound. My kids and I had a wonderful time customizing the lights to our liking with various music. It's so much fun! It'd be great if there are ways to remember our customization like the 3 color DIY buttons.

Overall, this Novostella Rainbow Color RGB LED Strip works well. It can be fully customized to fit one's preference and environment. Moreover, we just love seeing the lights dance to our music!