Stay-At-Home Mother's Day - Brighten up your Mom's Life with pefect lighting

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Mother’s day is almost here, and you’re probably wondering what you should give the person who gave you life. This year, wouldn’t it be nice to give her something that she will be able to enjoy every evening for years to come? If you’re feeling unsure about what to choose for her, why not surprising her with Novostella RGB lighting, which is both spectacular and useful?

Now, we have a piece of good news for you. We are running a Mother's Day contest related to Color Psychology on our Instagram. Check below, a quick reference guide for the common meanings of the colors. According to the meaning of the colors, use the most proper color to describe your mother.

1. Red - Exciting (Love, Passion, Courage)

2. Orange - Friendly (Positive, Warmth, Enthusiasm)

3. Yellow - Optimistic (Youthful, Fresh Energy, Confidence)

4. Green - Peaceful (Harmony, Reliability, Contented)

5. Blue - Dependable (Trust, Serenity, Responsibility )

6. Violet - Creative (Spirituality, Sensitivity, Compassionate)

👉👉 Rewards:

20ft RGB LED Strip Lights x 3

👉👉 To enter:

- 1. Follow our Instagram official account.

- 2. Comment on our instagram giveaway post to let us know which color perfectly describe your Mom.

- 3. Enter your email in the form below for the result announcement.

* We will randomly pick three winners from all participants.

* For multi entries, only the first entry is counted; and for multi colors commented in one entry, only the first color commented is counted.

* The contest ends on May 11th and 3 winners will be randomly selected and announced on May 11th 2020.

* Novostella reserves the right of final interpretation for this giveaway contest.

What's more, our Mother's Day promotion is ON now. Click here to know the deals. And we just launched our Affiliate program. Join our program, refer deals to get commission up to 12% per order!

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