As the leading brand of smart flood light, Novostella's sales volume has already hit 1 million globally. Novostella BLink collection, being linked by Bluetooth Mesh, makes connection much easier and faster. 

2700K~6500K White light for US version ONLY. 

With hub, BLink floodlights can work with Alexa/Google home for voice control and offer complete timer schedule function.

4 Pack4 Pack with Hub
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● The Novostella Advantage--As the leading brand of smart flood light, Novostella's sales volume has already hit 1 million globally. Novostella BLink collection, being linked by Bluetooth Mesh, makes connection much easier and faster.
● PATENTED ANTENNA DESIGN--Patented sleek design with an antenna for wireless network enhancement, stable connection, working distance is up to 80-85ft, which is 2.5 times longer than that without an antenna. Set-up is pretty easy and takes only a few minutes with the help of the detailed guide on video and manual.
● BLINK SERIES FEATURES--Via BT connect the wireless rgb stage light with the "Smart Home" App. With BT Mesh Technology you can remote control the light within 82 ft, Group control can control up to 128 LED floodlights at the same time.
● MILLION COLORS RGBCW-SYNC YOUR MUSIC--There are 16 million dimmable colors and 8 lighting scenes to choose from. Tunable white from 2700K to 6500K. Stage floodlight can change colors according to rhythm of music melody, there are 2 modes of this function - playing the music in the APP which is APP identify system music files or APP listen the music from surrounding.
● GROUP CONTROL--Countdown timer automatically turns off smart flood lights at the time you set. You can control not only one led landscape light individually, but also can control multiple landscape lights at the same time. It's very convenience and useful when you want all landscape lights to change colors or modes by group control.

Brand: Novostella
Name: Novostella BLink
Watt: 25W
Color: Dimmable 16 Million RGB Colors (2700K~6500K White light for US version ONLY)
Group control: Yes
Timing function: Yes
Memory function: Yes
Color Change Sync to Music : Yes
Waterproof rating: IP66
Cable length :5ft / 1.5m
Working Voltage: US - AC100-120V / UK & EU - AC220-240V
Woking Temperature: -25~40℃


Q1: Do they all have to be plugged in separately? Or is there a way to link them all together? I want to use them to light a small stage.

A1: Each one has their own power cord. You can plug them all into one power strip. But you can control all lights via app, you can create group to control them at same time.

Q2: What is the difference vs Wi-Fi version?

A2: If you only want a small handful of smart lights in your home, the Wi-Fi version is recommended. Bluetooth version with a hub fulfills the demand of a larger quantity and higher synchronization. That means if you need a number of lights, this version is preferred because the hub can share the burden of Wi-Fi and ensure the stability of connection.

Q3: Will it remember on and off times settings? For example 9pm to 11pm everyday?

A3: There is countdown timer function to automatically turns off the lights at the time you set. For a complete timer schedule function, you can expand it with our Hub accessory.


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*Alaska, Hawaii and oversea territories may takes longer than other areas.

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Need help?

Email us: shop@novostella.net

The Novostella Blink Smart Flood Light is a roughly rectangular standalone light with a rugged black housing. It's constructed from lightweight graphene, with a black aluminum mounting bracket. The fronts of the lights are also durable and well-engineered, with tempered glass that won't crack or shatter easily. The Blink has a water-resistance rating of IP66, which is just short of full submersion. It can withstand a sustained blast of high-pressure water, so even the worst storms won't cause any trouble. Incidentally, the IP66 rating also includes the highest possible degree of dust-resistance. Depending on where you live, this might be nearly as important as water-resistance. Suffice it to say that even very fine dust won't be able to infiltrate the Blink's housing.

While most of us know that RGB – Red / Green / Blue – you might not have heard of the CW part at the end. This is an acronym for Cold / Warm, which refers to the ability to control not only the color, but also the warmth of the white light. A cold light might be good for replicating daylight, while a softer, warmer light creates a more cozy mood. With tunable white from 2700K to 6500K, Novostella BLink floodlight could meet your various needs. For example, a light that is 2700Kelvin (2700k), has a much warmer feel to it and tends to mimic the warmer tone of a traditional halogen light bulb. 6500k is very sharp bright white and almost starts to lean into a slight bluish heugh. The easiest way to remember it is this: the higher the kelvin temperature the cooler the feel. Most would agree that warmer lights should be used to enhance the natural color of the landscaping.

Bluetooth Mesh Technology

The hub does all the work of reaching out and keeping all of the lights connected. The hub then connects to the Smart Life app (available for both iOS and Android) and allows you to control them from there. Group them into separate zones around the home, or however else you'd like to manage them (ie, front yard vs backyard, or different groups as different colors, etc). The hub can be hidden virtually anywhere, as long as it is in range of both your router and the BLink lights it is managing.

Note: With hub, BLink floodlights can work with Alexa/Google home for voice control and offer complete timer schedule function.


It supports white light 2700K~6500K brightness(Only for US version), color temperature adjustment. With 16 million dimmable colors, you can adjust color brightness, saturation adjustment by app.


Countdown timer automatically turns off smart flood lights at the time you set. Set the countdown time for example 30 min, 2 hours, 6 hours, ideal for outdoor wall lights control and energy saving. Never leave the lights on longer than needed.


Before starting the pairing, please turn on the Bluetooth of your phone, and connect to the Internet.

App installation --- Create an account on Smart Life App and login. Power on the light with your own switch. Find the lighting devices. Add the light to app.


With hub, BLink floodlights can work with Alexa/Google home for voice control and offer complete timer schedule function.


With professional communication-level enhancement antenna to enhance the signal, the connection is quick, stable and reliable, and not easy to drop. The antenna connection has a waterproof design structure to reduce the potential risk of water ingress.


Adopt safe and high light transmittance tempered glass.

Exposed cables with special standard anti-aging, anti-UV outdoor rubber cable.

Efficient cooling structure, scratch and fade resistant. 


With qualified graphene shell, it offers excellent heat dissipation performance and strong weather resistance, which effectively prolongs its lifespan.


NOVOSTELLA BLink smart flood lights adopt high-quality LED beads, with a lifespan of up to 50,000H.

Package Included:

2 x 25W LED Flood Lights

1 x User Guide

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Novostella BLink Smart Flood Light 25W (BT)

US / 4 Pack
US / 4 Pack
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